Really, rather happy in the recent days.

Kind of like how I felt when I was in kindergarten, when all I had to do was art and craft, running around with friends and being curious about the world.

Feel like I’m on a holiday, feeling like perhaps this would be like how I imagine life to be if I lived and worked abroad in a city that was just right for me.

Feeling like how I did when I was 11, over the December holidays, being blissfully buried in books every single day.

I don’t feel anxious, worried, stressed, tired….kind of reminding myself how I actually enjoy my daily routines, how life can be simple, happy and rewarding if there is a rhythm and a cycle to it.

Also finding time for other things: Learning Python, planning to study to convert my driving license soon.

This is how I imagine the Japanese minimalists feel…the people who take wonder in the small things….or how the characters in a Jimmy Liao novel live their lives, every day.


It was year 2013 and I was an exchange student at UCSB, doing my year abroad and attending a class called 147DM – ‘Doing Things With Media’

Reading this wonderful, critical reflection on pedagogy and I realised…I miss passionately being nerdy about a topic, zooming in on issues and topics, tunnelling into issues and being critical about them

Stuff that I am interested in now (education-related): social justice, participatory methods, resistance (gaming the system), digital mapping, entrepreneurship/disruption/innovation

Hoping to do good work this coming week, here’s a quick hurrah

Please please please

Let me do what I want
Come up with interesting political subversive

Quietly powerful pieces of


This song takes you places – it evokes dreamscapes of ethereal islands, it soars with emotions and pierces with honesty, I’m sitting here in Singapore reading the intricately wrought prose of Sharlene Teo and listening to Sun Yunying; I’m sitting here in Singapore thinking of London and summer days walking up cliffs and evenings in Birmingham with my laptop on my lap and the sound of your laptop clicking in the corner and the window designed to keep the cold out and the placid isolation of the street where you parked your mini cooper. Time,where have you gone? These are the people and the places that I have left behind. I cannot continue being mediocre or just good enough anymore…There are so many things left to be done.

Keep faith

I have decided that I will learn to never be angry, to never exhaust my emotions on things that materialise themselves as problems. For problems are lessons. For aggressors are teachers. And if I give my emotions and energy up to them I have also given up my power.

Preach, preach. I’ve been discovering many things of late; been trying keep my balance in a world full of change; I’ve been thinking about London, thinking about my friends there, thinking about time and the beauty of places and how vast the world is – so don’t let anything or anyone limit you, and the possibilities that you can be.


Yes, I’ve decided
I’ve already been immersing myself in arts and culture, language and literary issues ever since I got back – why not take it a step further?

All these old reviews, time spent on quotes, interviews in student publications. Capturing the exact words, the sentiment and pith of performances – let’s not let that go to waste.

I have been published on numerous platforms: Writing the City, Asymptote, QLRS. Let’s not stay closeted, let’s come out and contribute, let’s come out and make a voice.

On the cards for tomorrow:

-Planning a presentation
-Sending lines for my column in to Fiona
-Getting started on a competition piece for Writing The City

Keep writing, keep dreaming. I know I’ve always wanted to write pieces that pack an emotional punch, that inspire new possibilities, that remain grounded to the humanistic core of all arts and cultural expression. And tie that in, with ideas of identity politics, cultural issues, history, society and the world at large….It’s been just six months and I have already had the opportunity to explore so many different types of stories. Let’s take it a step further, and give it a shot. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Tonight I miss London with a vengeance.

Brick Lane, the overground, Chatsworth Road, council estates, Kingsmead Road and cold frost.

And then even more way back – days when I was stuttering around, days when I believed in different things, different people. The Chinatown in Birmingham, an oft-frequented Japanese restaurant, big roundabout, basements of train stations…