Keep faith

I have decided that I will learn to never be angry, to never exhaust my emotions on things that materialise themselves as problems. For problems are lessons. For aggressors are teachers. And if I give my emotions and energy up to them I have also given up my power.

Preach, preach. I’ve been discovering many things of late; been trying keep my balance in a world full of change; I’ve been thinking about London, thinking about my friends there, thinking about time and the beauty of places and how vast the world is – so don’t let anything or anyone limit you, and the possibilities that you can be.


Yes, I’ve decided
I’ve already been immersing myself in arts and culture, language and literary issues ever since I got back – why not take it a step further?

All these old reviews, time spent on quotes, interviews in student publications. Capturing the exact words, the sentiment and pith of performances – let’s not let that go to waste.

I have been published on numerous platforms: Writing the City, Asymptote, QLRS. Let’s not stay closeted, let’s come out and contribute, let’s come out and make a voice.

On the cards for tomorrow:

-Planning a presentation
-Sending lines for my column in to Fiona
-Getting started on a competition piece for Writing The City

Keep writing, keep dreaming. I know I’ve always wanted to write pieces that pack an emotional punch, that inspire new possibilities, that remain grounded to the humanistic core of all arts and cultural expression. And tie that in, with ideas of identity politics, cultural issues, history, society and the world at large….It’s been just six months and I have already had the opportunity to explore so many different types of stories. Let’s take it a step further, and give it a shot. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Tonight I miss London with a vengeance.

Brick Lane, the overground, Chatsworth Road, council estates, Kingsmead Road and cold frost.

And then even more way back – days when I was stuttering around, days when I believed in different things, different people. The Chinatown in Birmingham, an oft-frequented Japanese restaurant, big roundabout, basements of train stations…


But my heart will not bleed poetry

But my heart would not bleed
poetry. Not a single drop
to stain the blueprint
of our past’s tomorrow

I am thinking about a time in the past when I faced time with arduour, a period in my life when I walked on the streets with my heart filled with bloom, every moment an earnest embrace of faces around me

I cannot and will not let the structures – people, work calls, deadlines and bureaucracy – defeat me. I cannot and will not let the poetry be bled of me, for the nights of stanzas, rhymes and art papers to be replaced by evenings of video streams after bylines, cartons and newslines.

I cannot, I will not, I have to become as I am – for what I am. I need to treat my words with value, to live life impassionately (even on days when it becomes difficult to do so),

One year

Oh one year passes by so fast

One year ago I was on the cusp of something special; one year later I have become a different person (and am all the more happier for it)

I’ve learnt some difficult lessons at work today (and yesterday); at the same time I’m grateful for all the opportunities and chances that I’ve had, glad to be in a good place where I am challenged on a daily basis. I have to remind myself not to let my guard down, to pay attention to every single detail on a daily basis, to make sure that I do my due diligence and don’t let people down. One word or image can mean so much to them, even if it is just a day at work for you. Just one.

I’m filled with positive vibes for the month ahead, and the other months and days stretching out in front of me…Time to act more, do more, remind yourself of all the other things that lie ahead of you, in so many more alternate universes x



On the heels of a Slovenian couple in the Yishun town centre, seeing them look at banners and advertisements with wonder, staring curiously at coffee shops dishing out run-of-the-mill fare…

Always hold on to the loveliness of the quotidian, always remind yourself that the best way to make a living is by offering what you can give…. I hope I will always leave my mark on this world